Three Things To Look For In A Beach House

With summer around the corner, there is nothing more exciting than heading out and enjoying the warm weather and the beach. Especially if you live in Victoria, Australia. When the small summer months come along, you only have a small window in which you can enjoy yourself. That is why thousands of people head to the coastal towns of Apollo Bay, Queenscliff, and the Mornington Peninsula to find a beach house so that they can enjoy every minute of summer.

But you shouldn’t just hire any beach house that you find. You have to look hard to see what you want and what you can afford. To help you, we have provided you with four of the essential things that you should look when it comes to finding luxury accommodation in Rye, Geelong or whatever you’re visiting!

How Close It Is To The Beach

If you’re after the beach experience, why would you want to be far away from it? You want to step out and take that quick walk and find your feet in the sand already. That is part of the fun and excitement of enjoying a beach trip! You want to be as close to the beautiful water as you can. Find the place that is as close to the beach as you can afford – and book it for your holiday.

How Close It Is To The Centre Of The Town

If you are looking to enjoy “getting away” from it all, then maybe being close to town isn’t a problem. But it is always good to know that you can find local food and emergency items or services around the corner. When you are looking for a beach accommodation, make sure you consider how far the place is from the town. Apart from the items that you might need to pick up, you might like to enjoy the local cuisine, the heritage of the town or the fun activities that it might have. Always keep an eye out how far your place is from the town – it can pay off in a big way.

How Much Room It Has 

While you might really care about the size of your beach accommodation, you do want to be comfortable. You want to be relaxed. You want to come home after a long day and enjoy every minute of it. This is, after all, a holiday! So always expect how much room you have in your beach house before you rent it out. The last thing you want is to turn up and find that it is so small it doesn’t fit you or your family.

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