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Coring is the removal of plugs of soil from the ground to increase oxygen uptake in the root system and increase drainage whilst improving the distribution of water in the root zone. This improves the porosity and structure of your soil as well as increasing the nutrient uptake and growth of your lawn. The result is a lawn with a strong root zone and optimised growth conditions allowing a thick sward with greatly improved tolerance to pests, diseases and weather extremes. Coring should be undertaken in conjunction with a weed management program to ensure the improved growing conditions do not favour the weeds over your grass.


Over-seeding is the application of new grass seed to an existing lawn area. Cool season grass seeds are added around Autumn to ensure your lawn is greener  in all seasons. Additional benefits are improved sward thickness and weed resistance. The abundance of healthy grass provides a competitive environment for weeds which would otherwise flourish. After over-seeding, a top dressing is applied to ensure a higher rate of germination and root growth.


Fertiliser adds nutrients to your lawn to improve growth, colour, root development and overall plant health. Depending on the fertilisation regime, fertilisation for your lawn can be undertaken regularly or infrequently. Our Advanced Lawn Care package involves regular fertiliser applications to the lawn area to ensure optimal nutrient availability and uptake. However, infrequent fertilisation is also an option for budget conscious lawn lovers. Any good fertiliser regime should improve the health of your soil and NOT result in excess nutrients like phosphorus leaching and acting as an environmental pollutant, or inappropriately applied nitrogen greening up your lawn temporarily at the expense of root development for balanced nutrient uptake and resistance to dry weather conditions. We use high grade biodynamic fertilisers and apply them in appropriate quantities. A fertiliser program should be undertaken in conjunction with broad-leaf weed management, as the an increase in nutrient availability will generally favour the most competitive plants (e.g weeds) over other plants (e.g your beautiful grass). Ask about upgrading to organic fertiliser.