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Melbourne Tree Lopping and Tree Removal 

Tree lopping and tree removal doesn’t have to be expensive.

wycliffe Landscapes offers tree lopping and tree removal services at very affordable prices. We focus on small trees and leave the big trees to an arborist. This allows us to keep our insurance premiums low and pass on the savings to clients.

To have a tree around 3m high cut down and removed can cost as little as $140.

We cut the stump to as close to ground level as possible and will poison the stump to prevent new growth as part of our service.The tree roots will then rot in the ground which is generally good for soil microbial activity and soil health.

Please note: we do not have a stump grinder and as such, do not provide stump grinding as part of our small tree removal service. We are happy to refer you to an arborist for bigger jobs.