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Melbourne lawn mowing services

If you’re moving out and need an End-of-Lease Garden Clean-up, the last thing you want is the hassle of getting the garden back in good order. 

By hiring a professional Melbourne based gardening service, you can be sure your End-of-Lease Garden Clean-up will be of a high standard, which means there is one less potential argument to have when you end your lease. 

**This service is also available to home owners who want a garden tidy-up. 

We use power equipment to make our work efficient. See the difference a few hours of good work can make to your garden. 

Price approx $80 per hour. 

Note: 4hr minimum service Green waste removal carries an extra charge (either $20 per 0.5 cubic meters or at $80 per hour pro-rata….which ever is cheapest)

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